About Advantage Staffing, Incorporated

Providing innovative workforce solutions to companies of all sizes, Advantage Staffing, Incorporated specializes in clerical, industrial, construction and technical workers with a provable track record.

Founded in 1994, Advantage Staffing is located in Southwest Indiana and offers solid local knowledge and experience to provide your company with the best available workforce. If you want, or need, references we will be delighted to provide them.

Advantage Staffing, Incorporated is a locally owned and operated firm. We do not need to recoup franchise fees and we do not utilize a "formula" or "cookie cutter" approach to meeting your needs.

We cater to your specific needs. Our personal approach and understanding of the local workforce allow us to fill your specific needs in a timely manner. In addition, we value the employees you find through us as if they were our own.

We work hard to find the best possible workers available and know that you will be more than satisfied with these qualified candidates for your firm.

Advantage Staffing provides professional workers in the time frame which suits your needs.